Our elderly wish to stay at home.

But looking after them and providing assistance when needed can be difficult for relatives who live far away or have limited time.

Do you have an elderly parent living alone?

We have a simple solution to watch over your elderly.

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The Autonomi kit lets you check on your elderly with little effort.

How it works

Place the Autonomi activity detector in the elderly's home. Every movement detected is immediately visible in the Autonomi application on your smartphone.


  • Activity detector
  • SIM┬ácard & data traffic on the mobile network
  • Mobile application


Non intrusive

Monthly subscription. You can send the detector back at any time to cancel the subscription.


Continuous operation is guaranteed thanks to the power supply from the mains and with the supplied cable (USB).


Easy to install and use. As data transmission is via the mobile network, no Internet connection is required.



See the most recent activity, the first activity in the morning and the total number of activities for the current and previous days.


Receive a notification if no activity is detected during the time you have set.

Historic data

Observe the evolution of activities over the past weeks and months.


Invite other family members or a caregiver in your group to allow them to use the application.


Thanks to the control signal sent by the detector, you can see if it's working well.

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